Sebastiaan Bremer

February – March 2017 : Sanctuary


Sanctuary is a multi-media arts festival celebrating community, spirituality and creative expression organized by Sebastiaan Bremer. Spanning 20 days of installations, performances and events, Sanctuary will feature works from a variety of creative disciplines, including fine art, music, choreography, literature, comedy, film, sociology and more.


All Sanctuary events will take place at The San Damiano Mission, a Roman Catholic Church located at the crossing of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn. The Mission welcomes all people regardless of faith. Sanctuary is a creative and a spiritual endeavor with the aim to support the restoration of The San Damiano Mission on both a physical and spiritual level.

During the span of Sanctuary, the church will be open daily as a creative sanctuary around its regularly scheduled services. See the full schedule for details.


Sanctuary seeks to break down barriers as we explore the notions of “art”, “spirituality” and “community” in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood. It’s an opportunity for newcomers and long-time residents to come together in celebration, and create a safe place for self-expression, experimentation, and artistic collaboration.


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