Sebastiaan Bremer

Σπήλαιο (Spilaio) at Hales

Sebastiaan Bremer’s solo exhibition Σπήλαιο (Spilaio) will be on view at Hales Gallery, London, from 3 February through 21 March 2015.


Hales Gallery is happy to announce Σπήλαιο (Spilaio), its fourth solo exhibition with Dutch-born, New York-based artist Sebastiaan Bremer. The exhibition, taking its title from the Greek word Σπήλαιο (spilaio), meaning “cave”, will come to life through an amalgamation of various elements, objects and media combined to create a single large-scale installation occupying the entire space of the gallery. The exhibition will further explore the ideas from Bremer’s recent exhibition at MOCA Tucson in Tucson, Arizona (MOCA Bas-Relief (Mike-Papa-Bravo)).

Using the Greek word for “cave” for the title of the show, Bremer hints at the mythical and almost sacred side of art-making – the faith in the final outcome upon the piece’s completion, the other side. In myths and folklore caves have long been regarded as entryways into the Underworld and as links to sacred existences. Σπήλαιο (Spilaio) is precisely that – an entryway into the different layers of Bremer’s practice and an exploration of his inspirations, from classical sculpture to totemic objects and modernist photography. All of these, either in spirit or in form, will be present in the final installation.

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