Sebastiaan Bremer

May 2017: Sanctuary 21c

Sebastiaan Bremer has created a new installation at the new 21C Museum Hotel in Nashville that will be a continuation of Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a collaboration between painter Sebastiaan Bremer and musician-composer Josephine Wiggs to make a space for living and creating. Bremer is best known for his paintings using archival family photographs; Wiggs is the bass player in the Breeders. In the mid ’90’s they shared a loft in Chelsea, New York City, a space which was sparsely furnished with items found on the street, and where ambience was created by use of a yellow light bulb above the kitchen sink, a red one in the shower.

In furnishing and arranging the rooms, Bremer’s style is eclectic, inclusive, egalitarian, tempered by Wiggs’s more minimal sensibility. In the bedroom/painting room are paints and inks from Bremer’s Brooklyn studio. Instruments from Wiggs’ home studio are installed in the living room/music room.

This suite was created with the invaluable help of Nico Jorcino. Carpentry by Peter Golemboski. Meditative calm from Dejuan Talley. With thanks to Noah Prebish.  Shepherded by Alice Gray Stites, and made within the generous spirit of Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson.